Renouf Mediation

Renouf Mediation


Time and again the relief of a party at the conclusion of a successful mediation is abundantly clear. The satisfaction of a client who has had an opportunity to put his / her case and explain the outcomes that might be irrelevant to the law is part of what assists the resolution of the otherwise intractable dispute.
My experience as a mediator and prior to that as both managing and senior partner of one of the UK’s leading litigation practices means that I have an unparalleled breadth of experience in not only dispute resolution but also bring a perspective that arises from the commercial challenges of running a business as CEO.
My interpersonal skills were recognised by my colleagues, my clients and opponents in my legal career. I now bring that ability to empathise with a party and consequently to understand what is at the core of a dispute together with an ability to help those involved in a dispute to find solutions that go beyond the immediate issues of the dispute itself.
I offer this unique combination of skills and experience to assist with the resolution of your disputes.

Why? choose Renouf

Litigation is on no-one’s “bucket list”; it places demands on business and commerce and on the lives of those involved in it whether as parties or witnesses. My experience as mediator, as both managing and senior partner of one of the UK’s leading litigation practices and as one of the few solicitors in the UK to be afforded the accolade of “senior statesman” by Chambers and Partners means that I can help.

I am Civil Mediation Council Registered and a panel and clinical negligence mediator for CEDR. I undertake Community Mediations for Mediation Surrey and support the mediation profession as a Director of the Civil Mediation Council.

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  • “I am pleased that [our opponents] introduced us and I will certainly seek to use your services again in the future as I liked your style and thought you a most effective mediator.”

    Solicitor to Party to Mediation

  • "Thank you for your patience and rational assistance today."

    Managing Director to party to successful online Mediation

  • " is an excellent result for the parties to have managed to agree a settlement, especially in the limited 3 hour timescale so thank you for helping facilitate that!"

    solicitor to party to online mediation

  • "I was impressed by your air of quiet authority.  You gave the clients the safe space to talk honestly and no one felt pressured by you to settle yet your guidance was appreciated by all and you encouraged lateral thinking."

    Solicitor to party to mediation

  • Once again thank you so much for yesterday. It was an eye opener to see the skill that you showed given the bad feeling that sits between us and the other party.

    Unrepresented Party to successful online mediation

  • It was good to talk to you this morning, and thank you for talking [my solicitor] and me through “Zoom” and the Mediation process.  As a septuagenarian, with limited technological expertise, I found the session very helpful, and was surprised at how effective the medium is, despite having only an old, basic laptop.  I am sure that, with your continued guidance, it will work very well [at the mediation].

    Party to Successful online mediation

  • Terry's measured, practical and patient approach to mediation was of real assistance. In the space of only 3 hours the parties went from what seemed like poles apart to achieving a settlement in principal, in what was a complex commercial dispute. We are grateful for his efforts and the help he provided.

    Solicitor to Party to Online Mediation

  • Terry acted as a mediator for our client.  He was helpful, calm and friendly.  He identified the key points on which they parties were able to make progress and assisted them to reach a settlement on the day.

    legal aDVISOR TO PARTY

  • Your work was impeccable. 


    Solicitor to Party (online mediation)

  • "Magic Mediator!!"

    Legal Advisor to party

  •  Terry brings a unique blend of deep legal knowledge combined with a very pragmatic approach to helping parties achieve a settlement - all combined with a sense of confident calmness and lightness but certainty of touch that can ease the path through more challenging areas of any dispute.

    CA, COO and investor in green energy sector,  2017

  • Over a period of years I have seen and worked with Terry where he has identified a complex problem, brought opposing parties together and persuaded them to take an holistic view of the issue ultimately achieving a lasting solution to the mutual benefit of all those involved. I am  confident that those skills will benefit those who instruct him as a mediator.

    Ashton West

  • I have worked with and taught many lawyers and Terry is one of the very few who have the skills, patience and determination to find solutions for the seemingly intractable disputes that go to mediation

    PK, Professor of Law, University of London

  • Terry led his firm’s submissions to the Law Commission on insurance law reform and in subsequently explaining and preparing clients for the new law. He brought many of the skills of the mediator to that work, identifying areas where brokers, insurers and policyholders either agreed or disagreed. He at all times provided a clear understanding of the underlying themes and principles of the legislation and enabled clients to find solutions to issues generated by the new Act.

    David hertzell, law commissioner 2006 - 2014

  • Once again I can’t thank you enough for your sympathy and sympathetic way in which you have dealt with the matter. It was refreshing for me to talk about it to someone neutral.

    Party to successful mediation


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