Renouf Mediation

Renouf Mediation

Green Pledge - Review 2023

In 2021 I signed the "Green Pledge" committing that Renouf Mediation should have as little impact on the environment as possible. I provided a report at the mid-point of 2022 and do so again prompted by the Womacc June meeting. I will continue to report on activities and actions against the criteria suggested by the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change.

 Online v In-person Mediations

As covid restrictions and concerns have thankfully eased there has been an uptick in “in person” mediations. However, since January of 2022 80% of mediations have been online. All pre-mediation meetings have been conducted "online".


Where travel has been necessary as part of my mediation practice I have on every occasion used public transport save for 2 instances where I have travelled by car. An offset has been made using the Climate Impact Partners online calculator.

I did not use air travel as part of my mediation practice .

Documents and Administration

All of my outgoing correspondence has without exception been digital – not a stamp has been fixed to any envelope. I have received no “hard copy” documents for mediations. I use online support services (eg for banking and payments, video conferencing, DocuSign, Companies House and HMRC) wherever I can. I opt for “paperless communications” with every organisation.

I have printed off a small number of key documents from any mediation bundle. I have purchased paper from a supplier (Navigator) that complies with the EU Ecolabel standards to minimise their carbon footprint and which is committed to carbon neutrality by 2035.

Home Office

I “work” from home and take steps to minimise energy use by purchasing items with low usage ratings, by adding insulation to my home, using thermostats and timers to govern the use of energy. Additional loft insulation was added to our home in late 2022. A “Smart” meter was installed in January 2023.

I estimate that we used 10% less energy at home in 2022.

Where I can I purchase “consumables” for the office that may be recycled and re-cycle all waste items that I can. 

I have made an assessment of my carbon footprint and paid a Carbon offset to Climate Impact Partners.


I have added the Green Pledge to my website and have added the Green Pledge logo to my e-mail “signature”. I have confirmed on LinkedIn that I have signed the Green Pledge and have added it to my “Licenses and Certifications” on my LinkedIn profile page.

Report and Feedback

I will review my Green Pledge in mid-2024. I am not a "green" expert and welcome any feedback on where I am falling short and where I might do more.


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