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I do believe that mediation should reflect the society it serves. On 27th January 2022 CEDR launched its Diversity and Inclusion Mediation Charter. I signed the Charter on its launch. The details are below. It contains a number of commitments which are detailed in the text below. For my part and for my clients the principal impact will be that I will aim to work with an observer on every mediation on which I am instructed.

If you are a client who has instructed me on a mediation and there is no observer then do ask "Why not"?

If you are a mediator in need of observations then ask me to assist.

The CEDR Diversity and Inclusion Charter

As a group of mediators, lawyers, representatives of corporates, states, public bodies, mediation service providers, academics and others involved in the resolution of civil and commercial disputes, we are committed to improving the diversity of mediators. In particular, we consider that mediators should be appointed based on their experience and that opportunities to gain experience should be made available to address accessibility within the profession. I/we commit in my role or capacity to ensure that wherever possible:

1. There is a fair representation of mediators taking into account, gender, age and ethnicity, including when:

a. considering candidates to act as mediators;

b. compiling lists of potential mediators to be considered by advisors, clients and opponents;

c. composing committees, governing bodies, conference and presentation panels addressing mediation; and

d. delivering training on mediation and mediation related topics.

2. Encourage and supporting the practice of mediator development through mentoring/ sponsorship, encouragement and facilitating mediator assistantships (also known as mediation observerships), where a junior mediator attends a mediation to gain experience;

3. Agree a fair and proportionate price for mediation services that reflect the value and complexity of the case together with the experience of the mediator.

4. For organisations, assign named individuals as champions of diversity and inclusion; and where we have internal lists of mediators, reviewing that list annually to ensure it accords with our diversity & inclusivity values.

5. Record and report diversity statistics to CEDR for inclusion in the biennial mediation audit.



CEDR Foundation: Diversity and Inclusion

CEDR Diversity & Inclusion Charter (PDF)


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